- Who We Are -

Nurture Biotech Inc is a bioscience company, federally incorporated in Canada in 2015. We mainly provide products and services in 3 aspects:

– Bioscience technology research and development
– Products and technology trade
– Technical service and support

We have high-tech cooperative teams in scientific research, advanced concepts of innovation, developing our own independent brands and productive technology…

- Research Team -

Nurture Biotech has a top-notch research team of experts who bring together high-end talents in the fields of pharmacy, biology and nutrition. They have extensive and innovative knowledge, high-tech research on formulation technology, advanced bioengineering methods, and even more Affinity and the human body formula design, continuous development, improvement, creating many efficient and healthy products in line with the laws of the human body.

- Natural Raw Materials -

Nurture biotech company is located in the beautiful Prince Edward Island, is located in eastern Canada, latitude 46 ° -47 °, longitude 62 ° -64 ° 30 ‘, is a temperate continental climate, mild climate suitable for coast twists and turns, the more the fjard and Harbor, agriculture and fisheries boom, beautiful scenery, natural pollution-free, known as “Bay Park,” the elegant name, so has a wealth of quality marine resources, its high-quality lobster resources are known around the world. This unpolluted natural area is Nurture Biotech’s “raw material base”, mostly raw materials for natural, non-polluting, active content is sufficient. Nurture biotech main products such as seal oil, fish oil, collagen and other health food products and raw materials such as potassium glucosamine sulfate potassium chloride, chitosan and other raw materials are collected in this non-polluting sea to ensure that natural raw materials, while all natural raw materials strictly Screening to ensure the grade and purity of raw materials.

- NUFECT Health Products -

Comprehensive health care for you




- Knowledge -

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