About Us

Nurture Biotech Inc is a bioscience company, federally incorporated in Canada in 2015. We mainly provide products and services in 3 aspects:

– Bioscience technology research and development
– Products and technology trade
– Technical service and support

We have high-tech cooperative teams in scientific research, advanced concepts of innovation, developing our own independent brands and productive technology.

In North American, we commit promotion and sales of health products, raw materials, and medical supplements.

Our production base is a large-scale production enterprise in Canada, which meets international standard and has been producing good quality health products for years

We have major global certificates, such as the United States the NPA GMP certification, the Australian TGA GMP certification. We provide for host country enterprises with our products that are high-quality, being satisfied, and competitive.



Our health products include: joint nutrition agents, antioxidants, intestinal probiotics, and multifold vitamins and minerals, such as glucosamine sulfate capsules, multi-vitamin gummy, fish oil soft capsules and vitamins B, etc… In addition, we provide all kinds of raw materials of health products, such as high-quality glucosamine sulfate, maca and maca extractives (the macas grow in the organic ecological environment of an altitude of 3000m).

We rely on high-quality scientific research teams to provide technical services for all kinds of health food formulations and the efficacy of the products verifications.

MEDICAL SUPPLEMENTS can provide basic medical equipment and supplies for hospitals, clinics, and patients.


We source the highest quality raw materials from our trusted suppliers and ensure that they meet or exceed the safety, purity and efficacy of all government and industry standards.


NURTURE BIOTECH’s goal has always been to provide you with the best quality prices. This always starts with creating the best supplements and then ensures that our products are available at a reasonable price. This is our commitment to “healthy value”.


We has a top-notch research team of experts who bring together high-end talents in the fields of pharmacy, biology and nutrition. This assures we always find the best nature has to offer and apply the latest discoveries in nutritional science to address your health issues.