Joint pain is short of calcium?

Are you suffering from joint pain suffering? If you still think joint pain just lack calcium? Of course not! Most likely is a degenerative joint disease.

Degenerative joint disease is a kind of the articular cartilage degenerative changes, cause under the rim of the integrity of articular cartilage destruction and joint bone plate lesions, which in turn leads to a group of chronic joint symptoms and signs of articular cartilage degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis, proliferative arthritis, senile arthritis, etc., including bone spurs, bone hyperplasia, bowlegs, cervical spondylosis, patella softening, lumbar disease, etc. The whole process involves the articular cartilage disease, also involves the whole joint, ligament, joint capsule, synovial membrane and the surrounding muscles. Clinical manifestations such as pain, morning stiffness, swelling, deformity. Joint by joint, joint space and joint capsule. Joint capsule package is with joint lateral, fixed joint; The a3b1aab489f489d7e42df18d9a35c374cavity inside the joint cavity, joint, embedded joint synovial fluid, the joints movement have the effect of lubrication; Joint surface including joint bone, articular cartilage. Articular cartilage is smooth and elastic, can reduce the shock from the impact, when motion can reduce the relative motion between two joint surface friction, reduce pain.

Articular cartilage mainly glucosamine, collagen protein, chondroitin sulfate as raw materials and nutrients. Main component of cartilage glucosamine offer joint lubrication and protection function. But as the growth of the age, the body of the ammonia from thirty years old later gradually reduce the sugar content, and will not generate its own in the body. Mainly because of the age, more than 30 years, synthesis of collagen and ammonia sugar in the body function decline, cartilage collagen and ammonia in the sugar content is less and less, and ammonia, which is the core of the synthesis of cartilage, sugar gradually but not loss timely complement, articular cartilage will gradually thinning, less pressure and the friction between the joints of ability will be greatly decreased. Started is cartilage degeneration, so pain in the joints, disease in cartilage! Do you understand now?

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